paper movements 1 – short video clip


parasite swarms pt.1

In this series, newspapers are used in manifold ways to create installations. The works are shown as photographs.
The places that have been chosen to realize the images do not play any major role for city-organisms.

Abandoned buildings, former industrial areas, noise barriers along railroads and arterial roads; the view is focused on places which can be considered as ‘stepchildren’ of city planning.
Places everyone knows, however, mostly passes by without even recognizing them.
As these spots seem so inconspicuous, the strange installations appearing on the scenery cause even greater irritation when being discovered.

They remind of parasites and at first glance it is not really clear what these ’organisms’ are made of.
An important point of this work is to take newspapers available for free and use them in a way they were never expected to be used.
This emphasizes the surprisingly high formal and aesthetic quality of the ‘misused’ everyday object.

2011-2012 (ongoing series)



parasite swarms pt.2

This second part of the series is made up of ‘formations’.
They somehow work as a counterpart to the spreading ‘parasites’. Here the newspapers are arranged in a strict order; even the single sheets of paper are not meant to be in disorder.